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biobased economy 

We currently get most of our industrial chemicals from the petrochemical industry, which is worth hundreds of billions of pounds. Fossil fuels are the feedstock for a plethora of household products, but are finite and polluting. Products include medicines, furniture, packaging, car parts, shampoos and many more. The biobased economy involved generating products and energy from renewable biobased materials like biomass instead of fossil fuels.



 The lesson plans below contain activities and fact sheets to guide learning 

Lesson plan 1:

compares the petrochemical industry and biobased economy



Lesson plan 2:

outlines challenges associated with the biobased economy 



Did you know?

Known oil reserves are set to run out in the next


50 years 

6 mill.

people are employed worldwide in the oil and gas industry

330 million tonnes of chemical and polymer products are made from petrochemicals each year, versus 90 million tonnes from biobased sources 

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