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Plastic Waste

Over 350 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually! It is a highly versatile and valuable material, but its durability has led to the plastic waste problem. Plastic waste can be landfilled, burnt or recycled, unfortunately a lot of mismanaged plastic waste pollutes the environment. There are three ways of recycling plastic waste, mechanically, chemically or biologically. There is no one solution to the plastic waste problem but with more consideration, awareness and research, it be used for essential applications and more plastic waste can be recycled effectively.

 The lesson plans below contain activities and fact sheets to guide learning 

Lesson plan 1:

Introduces the plASTIC Waste problem and its impact



Lesson plan 2:

outlines the technicalities of the plastic waste problem and potential solutions 



Did you know?

Plastic ocean pollution is estimated to be causing the deaths of countless ocean creatures: 100,000 sea mammals each year.


of plastic waste in the UK was recycled mechanically in 2018.

A plastic shopping bag uses 4-times less CO2 to produce and transport, compared with a paper bag, whilst also being stronger and cheaper. 

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