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Food waste 

A huge amount of food waste is generated each year in the UK. Waste originates in homes, businesses, and the supply chain. The disposal of this waste uses up landfill space, releases greenhouse emissions, and costs us in transportation and landfill tax.


Due to the value and sheer volume of food waste, it is logical to see this waste as an opportunity rather than a problem. By using food waste to produce a product we can solve the problems of greenhouse emissions and financial loss that come with the waste.


The lesson plan below contains activities and a fact sheet to guide learning 

Lesson plan 1:

introduces the problem of food waste and solutions 



Did you know?

of food produced globally is wasted, with a cost of around     $1 Trillion

The UK alone produces 10-15 million tonnes of food waste, whilst around 8 million people in the UK struggle to put food on the table

Food waste decays into greenhouse gases, attracts pests, uses up landfill space and costs money


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